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Running Order

24 November

Theatre 1   (with Stage)

11.00    The Hunt for Gravitational Waves    BBC UK

12.05    Taming the Quantum World     DR Danish Broadcasting

13.00pm      LUNCH BREAK

14.00pm      Dancing in the Dark: The End of Physics?   BBC UK

15.00pm The finalists in the One Minute Video Competition

15.20pm Magnitude 6 SRF1 Switzerland and ARD Germany


17.10pm     The Greedy Brain from the series Backlight VPRO The Netherlands

18.20pm     Evening Keynote Talk and Panel Discussion on


                 Keynote address

                 João Paulo André, Universidade do Minho

                 Discussion Panel

                 João Paulo André, Universidade do Minho

                Antigone Marino, The European Physical Society and University of Naples Federico II

                José Manuel Costa, Director of Cinemateca – National Museum of Cinema

                Andrew Millington (moderator), Director EuroPaws

20.00       DRINKS RECEPTION at the theatre
Theatre 2

11.00         From Air to Water: The Ria Within        SIC Noticias Channel, Portugal

11.25         Climate Change by Numbers      BBC UK

12.45         Science Squad Episode 2   Science magazine Series, RTE Ireland

13.05         LUNCH BREAK

14.10         Deadly Predator Challenge   Episode 2      Servus TV, Austria

15.10         Life 2000 Metres Under the Sea                     France 5

16.10         COFFEE BREAK

16.25          Between the Times   ZDF Germany

18.15pm         DINNER BREAK and end of day


25 November

Theatre 1      

11.00         Multi-resistant Bacteria    from the science magazine series Matiere Grise RTBF Belgium

11.30         NEW MEDIA (non-interactive) SESSION

With presentations from the production-makers and discussion

The History of Rosetta and Philae, Episode 3     European Space Agency

Mediterranean Forest    University of Coimbra, Portugal

ESOCast    Episode 72      European Southern Observatory

Science by Kids     SIC K Web series, Portugal

Ambition       European Space Agency

13.00         LUNCH BREAK

14.00         FUTURE Episode 2   Science Magazine Series   ARTE France/Germany

14.35         Rosetta: Sky at Night Special       BBC UK

15.35         Brazil: Every Drop Counts from the series Fascinating Earth      ZDF Germany

16.35         COFFEE BREAK

16.50         The Rosetta Adventure: Journey to the Origins of Life     STV Sweden and ARTE France/Germany

17.45                  DINNER BREAK

21.15         THE AWARDS EVENING (in the big theatre)


Preview of the shortlisted Prod uctions

Awarding of the Prizes


The ROSETTA MISSION – talk and discussion

Keynote Address
Mark McCaughrean, Senior Science Advisor at European Space Agency

Discussion Panel

Mark McCaughrean, Senior Science Advisor at European Space Agency

Bella Hurrell, BBC Visual News

Jean-Claude Worms, Head of the ESF Science Support Office, European Science Foundation

Ana Viseu, Universidade Europeia

José Vitor Malheiros (moderator), Science Communication Consultant at Ciência Viva


23.15 Approx      Drinks Reception in the theatre


Theatre 2

11.00             Cancer: The Forgotten Way      ARTE France/Germany

12.00            Tricks, Threats and Deceit            ZDF Germany

12.30             Niels Bohr – Seeing the Light     From the series: Greatest Danish Scientists   DRK Channel, Danish National Broadcasting

13.00             BREAK followed by the plenary Awards Evening  (main theatre)