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Festival Agenda

Entry to all screenings is free of charge, and open to everyone. Tea, coffee and biscuits are provided during mid-morning and mid-afternoon intervals. Audience members can vote on what they consider the best production screened as part of the “audience award”.


DAY 1   Friday 13 July

9.00     Introduction by Andrew Millington, Festival Director

9.05     Orbit: Earth’s Extraordinary Journey            BBC UK

10.05  A Burning Question   RTE Ireland


11.15   The Adventure of Science     ZDF Germany

11.49   Fracking      from magazine Newsnight   BBC UK

12.01   Introducing Graphene   New Media, Germany

12.05   Playing God      Horizon series   BBC UK


14.10  The Hunt for the Higgs Boson   Horizon series  BBC UK

15.10  Keynote Talk and Discussion session: 


CHAIR: Dr Andrew Millington, Director EuroPAWS, OMNI Communications


      Gaby Hornsby   Producer BBC Horizon

Panel led Discussion on “Making the Invisible Visible”

Panel Members:

            Dr Fiona Doohan, Environmental Scientist, University College, Dublin

            Dr Christoph Falkenroth, MINTIFF Project, Technical University, Berlin

            Gaby Hornsby

16.05   TEA BREAK

16.20   Tatort Auskreuzung:  Crime Scene – Cross Breeding (Bio-sciences drama)   WDR Germany

17.50   CLOSE


DAY 2   Saturday 14 July

9.00   Bones   Episode 1 of Origins of Us     BBC UK

10.00   Earthquake Snakes    ARTE  France/Germany


11.10   Antibiotics               VPRO Netherlands

11.45   Life in Hell – Survivors of Cold       ARTE France/Germany

12.40   Atomic Energy Special  from “The Mouse” series    WDR Germany


14.00   Houses of Tomorrow  from series C’est pas Sorcier   FR3 France

14.30   Beyond the Abyss     Our World series   BBC World

            NEW MEDIA Session

14.55      Innovation Academy Pitches Trinity College Dublin   Ireland

15.02      AXON – Trailer for Web game    UK

15.05      Diffraction      UK

15.12      Nano2hybrids      France/UK

15.45      TEA BREAK

NEW MEDIA Session continued

16.00      Salamander: Cells of Hope      Italy

16.25      Nano-You           UK

16.45      LHCb Experiment,  CERN

                 Keynote Talk and Discussion Session


                 CHAIR: Dr Raphaela Kitson-Pantano   ESOF Programme Director

17.00      KEYNOTE TALK

Martin Hynes, Director, The European Science Foundation

17.15      Panel led discussion on “The Changing Nature of a Production

               in New Media”

               Panel members

               Marije Meerman, Producer VPRO The Netherlands

               Diarmaid Mac Mathuna   Head of Client Services and Online expert, Agtel

               Dr Corrina Maguinness   Psychologist, Trinity College, Dublin

17.50  – 17.55    Close


DAY 3   Sunday 15 July

9.00        Shapes: Episode 2 of series The Code     BBC TV

10.00      Lab Animals Kingdom    Fr5 France

10.55      COFFEE BREAK

11.10      Star-gazing Live    BBC TV

12.12      Automatic Brain     WDR Germany

13.05      LUNCH BREAK

14.00      Crash science    from series Matiere Grise    RTBF  Belgium

14.30      Codebreaker   (docu-drama)   Ch4 UK

15.25      TEA BREAK

15.35      A Night with the Stars    BBC TV

16.37      Jem Euso – The Thin Blue Line      New Media, Spain

16.52      Nano Filtered Water (Nano TV)       New Media      International

16.58      Money and Speed: Inside the Black Box    Interactive VPRO Netherlands

17.50      CLOSE


Five of the longest productions will be seen by the international jury but not screened due to limit on theatre time, these are:

TV Documentary: The Gorillas of the Congo – Chainsaws to the Rescue     ARTE

TV Drama:  Bermuda Triangle – North Sea     RTL Germany

TV Drama    Ink Tips     Slovenian Television

New Media:  Bird Brain      Austria

Environment Category:  Chernobyl 4 Ever     ARTE