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European Science TV and New Media Festival 2013

Update: 6th May 2013


The organizers of the Festival, EuroPAWS and Euroscience, are pleased to announce the Shortlisted Entries for the 7 categories that form the 2013 European Science TV and New Media Festival, which will take place at the Science Gallery in Dublin from 14 to 16 June. The Festival is organized jointly by EuroPAWS and Euroscience, and will lead into the Irish follow-up month reflecting the success of the ESOF Science congress 2012. There will be seven awards decided in Dublin, listed below. The screenings will be complemented by panel led discussions and keynote talks on themes relating to Science and TV/AV media.

The festival is supported by BASF, Janssen, La Caixa  Foundation, NEF:The Innovation Institute and the Science Foundation Ireland.

Full details of the schedule for the festival will be released soon.

The Awards will be presented at a special Awards evening in Lisbon in November, at the celebrated science centre Ciencia Viva in Lisbon, Portugal.


Entry Criteria and Background

There are four TV and New Media categories, with a prize in each, plus three further categories and prizes as described below, reflecting “Science in society” issues, all being decided in Dublin.

A production can be eligible in more than one category, and these may be designated either by the entrant or the organizers. The “genre” categories are:

Science and Technology in:

  • TV Documentaries
  • TV Drama or Docu-drama
  • TV General Programming (i.e. magazines, politics shows, natural world etc) – an item in context or a complete programme
  • New Media Productions (including WEB, iPOD, Promotional Video etc)

The winners will receive the four TV and New Media Prizes for 2013.

In addition there will be prizes for the following four “Science in Society” categories:

  • The best presentation of science or technology in relation to an environmental issue
  • The best presentation of medical research
  • The best presentation of a woman scientist or engineer, real or acted
  • The best production as voted on by the festival theatre audience


Programmes and productions will be eligible if they were first broadcast or released in 2011 or later up to 3 April 2013. A production first broadcast or released before 1 January 2011 may be accepted if the producers or broadcaster are new to the festival and only became aware of it recently. This will be at the discretion of the organizers. They must also have been produced for first transmission or release (or shared first) in Europe, and not have been entered for a previous edition of this festival (other than through an error of transmission date). There needs to be a significant science or technology content in any entry, which may also be the stories of individual scientists or engineers and their lives.

If you are not sure if a programme or production would qualify, please feel free to discuss any such questions with the organizers’ London office at EuroPAWS, ( or tel: 0044 20 7483 4545). Contact person: Andrew Millington, the Festival Director. In the final analysis, the selection decision of the organizers will be final.

The entry form can be obtained from the EuroPAWS office ( or via this website . Entries can also be submitted on the website .

There will be an international jury of distinguished TV/AV people and scientists/engineers/science communicators. The theatre audience will also choose its own winner across categories. In all cases the decisions of the juries will be final. The Awards will be presented at a special awards evening in Lisbon in November, at the celebrated Science Centre, Ciencia Viva.

An extra Award by a teenage jury is expected to happen at a later date.