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BONES (Episode 1 of the series ORIGINS OF US)


Trekking through the forests of our ancient ancestors in Africa, Dr Alice Roberts, Professor of Anatomy at Birmingham University pinpoints a fossil which holds a clue to why our ancestors stood upright and started walking. Charting the journey from Australopithecus to Homo Erectus and beyond, Alice tells the epic story of human evolution through our body today. New research has revealed clues in our ankles, waists and necks that show how our ancestors were forced to survive on the open plains by walking and running  for their lives.

Alice also looks at probably the most advance in our evolutionary story, how by standing up our hands became freed. With pressure sensitive glovers, she demonstrates how the tiniest anatomical tweaks to our thumbs and little fingers transformed hands that evolved to grab branches into ones that could manipulate tools. With our dexterous hands Homo Sapiens would change the world.


Presenter:   Professor Alice Roberts

Producer:   Zoe Heron

Executive Producer:   Sacha Baveystock

Bones – Episode 1 won Best Presentation of a Woman Scientist or Engineer, real or acted 2012 Award (supported by EuroPaws & EuroScience), part of the 2012 European Science TV and New Media Festival and Awards

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