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Simple Productions and Crescendo Films  for ARTE France, RTBF Belgium, VRT Belgium, NHK Japan, VPRO Netherlands, UR Sweden, TSR Switzerland

It is now over quarter of a century since the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl in the Ukraine but many worrying questions remain unanswered. This film takes a look at the human consequences of the tragedy as the recent catastrophe at Fukushima in Japan re-opens dramatically the old questions about the future of nuclear power.

The film is driven by the zeal of writer/director Alain de Halleux, who has made a mission of revealing all in the aftermath of what can still be seen as the world’s worst nuclear disaster. Particularly telling are the views of the younger generation, where those with resulting health problems seem set apart from others concerned only with modern life. In such situations, one of the challenges is to distinguish between conspiracies and screw ups, and the film raises several issues referring to “they” as the responsible party. This production is in the Environment category specifically as it doesn’t set out to take on some of the scientific issues, yet casts a searching   light on the bigger picture of environmental impact. Its ambitious agenda is reflected in the teaming up of several production companies and broadcasters in its realization.


Writer and Director:    Alain de Halleux

Producer:    Kathleen de Bethune  (Simple Production)

Broadcasting Executives:  SC Alex (Arte), Wilber Leguebe (RTBF), Luc Verruth (VRT), Ken-ichi Imamura (NHK), Nathalie Windhorst (VPRO), Daniel Pynnoenen (UR), Gaspard Lamuniere (TSR) 


CHERNOBYL 4 EVER is being shown as part of a Jury only pack of the 2012 European Science TV and New Media Festival, due to the limit on theatre time. A full festival programme can be found here.

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