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A Casablanca Film Production for Radio Televizija Slovenia

This is story of a clash between cultures. On the one hand, between generations – a more peasant-based and traditional culture taking on the values of the modern world; on the other between the professional role of a woman scientist and her family tensions. Set in Slovenia, the drama centres around a couple, both scientists, and their extended family. The woman needs to travel for her work, and to raise funding. She is seeking a better way of preserving ink in old manuscripts, and engages some of the latest techniques including a synchrotron in Italy. But professional and personal relationships interplay. The script was supported by a grant from the EuroWistdom Project, a European Commission initiative to highlight women in science. The film touches on many issues, including the pressures on an ambitious scientist in a small country like Slovenia. It also weaves in a number of scientific settings, showing a very human face to research and teaching.


Principal actors:   Aleksandra Balmazovic

                             Sebastian Cavazza

                             Draga Potocnjak

                             Masa Bizjak 


Writer and Director:  Polona Sepe

Producer:    Igor Pedicek


INK TIPS is being shown as part of a Jury only pack of the 2012 European Science TV and New Media Festival, due to the limit on theatre time. A full festival programme can be found here.

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