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Innovation Academy

This series, made for YouTube and a collaboration between Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin, creates “an exciting intellectual space where students and academics interact in multi-disciplinary groups with mentors from the public and private sector to develop and nurture creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and teamwork”. The Researcher Video Pitch series showcases doctoral research through video and is an outcome of the Opportunity Generation and Recognition module within the Certificate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Two short films have been selected. The first  short film showcases Niamh Mc Guiness’s work on Alzheimer’s Disease, where she looks at the Role of Endo-cannabinoids in Alzheimers. The second looks at Joanne Mac Mahon’s  work with Continuous Flow Solar Water Disinfection, which could help provide clean safe drinking water to millions.


Innovation Academy is being shown as part of the 2012 European Science TV and New Media Festival at 14:55 on Saturday 14th July 2012, as part of the New Media Session. A full festival programme can be found here.