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Science on Screen

Automatic Brain

Automatic Brain

The Young People’s event “Science on Screen” at BFI Southbank will occur on the 29th April 2013.

“Science on Screen” is an event for young people at BFI Southbank featuring:

  • the young persons’ choice of Best Science TV Documentary in Europe – and the winner
  • questions to the programme makers and scientists
  • views on scientists and science on screen
  • more…

Date: 29th April 2013

11.30am: Introductions

Origins of Us: Bones

Origins of Us: Bones

Screenings of extracts from the 6 finalist TV documentaries:
Automatic Brain WDR Germany
Bones: Origins of Us Episode 1 BBC TV
Bird Brain Servus TV, Austria
Orbit: Earth’s Extraordnary Journey BBC TV
The Hunt for the Higgs Boson Horizon Special BBC TV
Survivors of Cold, from series Life in Hell ARTE France/Germany

Panel led-discussion from different professions involved, including:
Broadcaster Jonathan Renouf, BBC Exec Producer “ORBIT: Earth’s Extra-ordinary Journey” series

Bird Brain

Bird Brain

Scientist/engineer Dr Helen Czerski, Co-Presenter of ORBIT: Earth’s Extra-ordinary Journey

Director Zoe Heron,  Producer, BONES

CERN scientist Professor Jon Butterworth, Lead Interviewee in THE HUNT FOR THE HIGGS BOSON

Announcement of the Winning Programme

1.00pm – 2.00pm Lunch Break

2.00pm Session looking at three aspects of science and film/TV/AV
Chaired by Mark Reid, Head of Education at the NFT/BFI with Dr Maggie Aderin, space scientist. The themes are:

Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey

Orbit: Earth’s Extraordinary Journey

a) The history of science on film, and the synergy between physics of film – light, perspectives etc – and film presentation of science which draws upon the BFI’s archive.
b) The role of film as an illuminator of science concepts.
c) The representation of scientists/engineers – The roles and opportunities for women in science will also be addressed.

3.30pm Close


If you would like to attend, please e-mail Pat Morton on to ensure places. For enquiries, e-mail Andrew Millington at or tel: 020 7483 4545

Hunt for the Higgs

The Hunt for the Higgs








Life in Hell: Survivors of the Cold

Life in Hell: Survivors of the Cold

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