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STAR-GAZING LIVE: Series 2, Episode 2

BBCTV co-production with the Open University, UK

This is a series that seems to have captured the public imagination. Dara O’Brien, a physics graduate as well as front line comedian, teams up with Professor Brian Cox, a household name in the UK through his many science TV series, to link the excitement of star-gazing with some insights into astrophysics. In this programme, Dara and Brian journey through the night sky with a look at black holes, the most mysterious and destructive objects in the universe. Some on-site demonstrations help the viewer grasp some of the strange features of black holes. The opportunity for an audience to quiz the famous duo directly adds to the programme’s appeal.

Liz Bonnin also investigates how our own Galaxy the Milky Way was  formed, and Mark Thompson – no, not the BBC Director General – investigates the problems that are caused by light pollution. This series is one of a number of successful collaborations between BBC Science and the UK Open University.

Presenters:   Professor Brian Cox, Dara O’Brien with Liz Bonnin, Mark Thompson

Producer:    Alan Holland

Executive Producer:   Lisa Ausden


STAR-GAZING LIVE is being shown as part of the 2012 European Science TV and New Media Festival at 11:10 on Sunday 15th July 2012. A full festival programme can be found here.

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