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TATORT: AUSKREUZUNG (“Crime Scene: Cross Breeding”)

From the series Tatort  (“Crime Scene”)

Colonia Media Filmproduktions for WDR Germany

Cologne police inspectors Max Ballauf and Freddy Schenk have to solve an act of sabotage with deadly consequence. A young lab technician has been killed by the failure of a cooling system in a renowned Institute for Plant Research”. The story takes a familiar detective poser into a new setting, offering some insights as it unfolds into research in genetic engineering in plants.

On top of the tragic death, the economic damage for the high-tech company is immense, claim the institute’s top management. Valuable laboratory samples stored by the genetic engineers in the affected freezer cabinet are destroyed. The institute had also been the target of protests by militant opponents of genetic engineering. Tension mounts as the police question a leading activist whilst also suspecting the culprit may be a member of the institute.

The competition and pressure to perform is extremely high at the laboratory. Especially so for the ambitious Dr. David Prangel and  colleague Dr. Lara Bahls who are working with genetically modified plants that they plan to modify to produce medication. The story develops some human twists as one of the inspectors gets a visit from the 14-year-old son of an old girlfriend. While he takes care of the young runaway, his colleague Schenk learns that another employee of the Institute has been killed…”


Main Actors:   Luise Berndt

                         Klaus J. Behrendt

                         Dietmar Baer

                         Misel Matecevic


Writer:     Karl-Heinz Kaefer

Director:  Torsten C. Fischer

Producer:    Sonja Goslicki, Colonia Media FilmProduktions GmbH

Commissioning Editor for WDR:   Frank Toensmann

Executive Producers:    Anke Krause and Frank Toensmann


TATORT: AUSKREUZUNG won the 2012 Science and Technology in TV Drama Award (supported by NEF: The Innovation Institute), part of the 2012 European Science TV and New Media Festival and Awards