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Laengengrad Filmproduktion for ARTE and WDR

The vast rainforests in the north of the Republic of the Congo are home to the rare lowland Gorillas. Most of them don’t live in national parks but in forests which are open to timber exploitation. The conflict between tree fellers and gorillas seems to be insoluble, yet in the Congo basin it has been resolved. A number of the timber companies have responded to the criticism of environmental protectionists, and have embarked on a responsible approach to forestry.

This documentary mixes some compelling images with perhaps surprising insights. It also offers real examples to illuminate the choices mankind has to make in balancing concerns about climate change and the needs of people to make a living.


Writer, Director and Producer:  Thomas Weidenbach

Commissioning Editor:  Thomas Kamp, WDR


THE GORILLAS OF THE CONGO – CHAINSAWS TO THE RESCUE is being shown as part of a Jury only pack of the 2012 European Science TV and New Media Festival, due to the limit on theatre time. A full festival programme can be found here. . Poker Indonesia . app developers gold coast