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Nuclear energy is a hot topic in Germany. In an uncommonly swift reaction to the Fukushimanuclear disaster in Japan, nuclear power was removed from the energy menu in Germany. But in response to popular demand, the celebrated children’s series The Show With the Mouse decided that a special commemorate edition of this slot should be on nuclear power.

The presenter, Armin Maiwald, drives home the safety consciousness of the nuclear industry by showing how many doors have to be negotiated to enter into the heart of a nuclear power plant. Following this guided trip of the power station at Philippsburg inGermany, which is largely atmospheric, the workings of the reactor are explained by extensive graphics in a style which is the hallmark of the series. The issue of nuclear waste is raised, to help give a balanced view of this controversial industry. Although Germany is surely ahead of the game in embracing renewable energy, the option of ending up buying electricity from France produced by nuclear power must add a further dimension to the nuclear debate in Germany.

Writer:    Jan Marschner

Producers:   Joachim Lachmuth (WDR) and Armin Maiwald  (Flash Filmproduktion)

WDR Executive Producer:    Joachim Lachmuth

THE SHOW WITH THE MOUSE – ATOMIC ENERGY SPECIAL 2011 is being shown as part of the 2012 European Science TV and New Media Festival at 12:40 on Saturday 14th July 2012. A full festival programme can be found here.

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